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     I am a full funeral services provider: from traditional funeral services to cremation, transferring remains/cremains from United States to Lithuania or other Europe country. Same way I can arrange transportation of human remains/cremains inside continental United States. 

    I work with couple family owned funeral homes in Chicago, IL and suburbs. They are providing me with all needed facilities to conduct professional, caring funeral services. Funeral arrangements, pre-planning could be made at the comfort of your own home or at the funeral home. I will be able provide you with all the available locations and details if you call me at 630-804-9093.



Traditional Funerals

   Funerals, that consist of one or some times two nights visitation (viewing), or even just a morning visitation, followed by religious services at the funeral home chapel or a church, and concluding funeral services with final disposition of humane remains at the cemetery, would fall under TRADITIONAL FUNERAL SERVICES understanding. But today,  even one hour open casket visitation at the church, prior the Mass, and then final disposition at the cemetery, could be understood as traditional services. Every family has a right to choose what  services they would like to have for the loved one, and every choice will be met with careful planing and execution. 


  Today families more and more choose the cremation. When somebody passes away, a body will be transferred to a funeral home and after signing agreement for cremation, it will be cremated. That is called DIRECT CREMATION. Even after the direct cremation, families have an option of a memorial visitation and religious services at the funeral home or a church. A lot of times cremation becomes just the part of the traditional funeral services. In a place of a traditional burial we have cremation and  then family can decide, if they  wish to bury ashes, place them in a niche at the columbarium at the cemetery, keep it at home or scatter. There is a lot of options and it can get overwhelming, but this is my job to guide you through this, explain everything and help you to make the right decision for you. 

Body/Cremains Transfer 

   Transferring human remains outside United States always involves dealing with the Consulate of the country where the body goes to. Sending human remains to Lithuania, the remains must be embalmed, placed in a zinc liner and cased in a wooden container. All the paperwork needed for transfer will be done by a funeral director. I ask from the family to provide me with:

  1. A copy of passport (first and best choice) or drivers license, or ID
  2. All the information regards receiving funeral home or person: full name, address and phone number. Air lines always check with receiver, before they ship a body.

Average cost to ship a human remains from Chicago, O'Hare to Vilnius, Lithuania is from $ 4,500.00 to $ 5,500.00. The price depends on a shipping weight. Family will need a casket, if they decide to have a full traditional visitation and services here in United States.

   Transferring human cremains is less complicated. Now, a lot of times, ashes can be taken on a plane by family member or person who agreed to do this for the family. You need to take ashes with you in carry on baggage, NOT in a baggage that will go to planes cargo compartment. 

   The paperwork that needs to be presented to the customs at the check point (I provide the families with all needed documentation):

  1. Notarized letter from the funeral services provider that confirms that this urn contains the ashes of certain person.
  2. Passport or a passport's copy of the deceased (drivers license). 
  3. Certificate of cremation from crematory.
  4. Permit, issued by funeral services provider, for transfer of human remains/ashes.
  5. Death certificate, certified by apostille. You can obtain, or this can be done by a funeral director, at Secretary of State Index Department, 17 N. State St., Room 1030, Chicago, IL 60602; 312-814-2067 or 312-793-2556; Mon. - Fr. 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  

   The other option to ship the cremains outside United States is using a shipping company. US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx would not do this, but fortunately we have a good Lithuanian shipping company Atlantic Express, 8801 S. 78th Ave., Bridgeview, IL  60445; 708-599-9680, 800-775-7363 (USA TOLL FREE). I worked with this company on many occasions and they provide excellent service with this sensitive matter. Today's cost to ship the human cremains is $ 350.00. All the paperwork (like you would go on a plane) should accompany  the cremains.

  Transferring human remains from one state to another is done by a plane or by a car. If this is a neighboring state of Illinois, and close distance to Chicago area, I will transfer remains by a car. In other cases - by a plane. In a time of death please call me and I will arrange everything for you. I will contact a local funeral home or a funeral services provider who will help me with a removal of a deceased from the place of death and preparing remains for transportation to Chicago, IL. 

  Any questions regards funeral arrangement and options I always can answer if you call 630-804-9093 or


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